Spices For Spring Cuisine

Spices For Spring Cuisine
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Spring cuisine associated with Traditional new year food

Purple, white spring onion bulbs, garlic and pepper are not only usually used in normal days, but they are also spices of Tet, from braised pork with coconut and stuffing bitter melon with meat soup, which are favorite food during festival days, to stuffings of Chung cakes (square glutinous rice cake) and Tet cakes (cylindric glutinous rice cakes). With these additives, dishes will be very delicious. Many dishes to treat guests such as pig’s head pastes or pork pies are appetizing with pepper and bulbs of garlic. In Vietnamese houses, there are always bulbs of onion and garlic. These culinary spices are hung in kitchens or airy spaces, therefore, they can be used in a very long time.

Black pepper Black pepper

In addition to these additives, cinnamon, anise and ginger are special spices for Tet’s cuisine. A little cinnamon powder processed in cakes always brings memorable flavor. In addition to jams, candies…as usual, grilled cinnamon cakes are distinctive during Tet days, especially, they are very good for digestion on this occasion. People said that braised griskin with cinnamon is both delicious and nutritious because the flavor of this spice can reduce fat.

Vietnamese cuisine

There are a variety of additives in Vietnamese cuisine such as Vietnamese coriander, common basil, sweet basil, mint leaves, houttuynia and perilla… These spicy vegetables are indispensable in Tet days. They make dishes such as greasy pork more appetizing and delicious. Put some blades of Vietnamese coriander to your soup and enjoy braised meat with some spicy vegetables. If you have a chance to treat expatriates on Tet holiday, you will understand the value of these spices. In other countries, you will have to pay for spicy vegetables when enjoying dishes.

ginger ginger

Choosing additives is also an art in cuisine. Bowls of soup need spring onion or coriander, rolling dishes need to be added some spicy vegetables. When you eat noodles, do not forget to add some basils and eryngium. The habit of using additives and spicy vegetables in cooking dishes, especially during Tet days, expresses Vietnamese cultural character.

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