Bun Thit Nuong (Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork)

Bun Thit Nuong (Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork)
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Bun thit nuong is a prominent dish among Vietnamese cuisine

Bun thit nuong comprises rice vermicelli noodles, grilled pork, (grilled meat balls, deep-fried spring rolls for substitute) served with dipping sauce and herbs aside. Herbs include lettuce, cucumbers, beansprouts, pickled daikon, basil, mint, chopped peanuts. Fatty pork and meat balls are grilled over charcoal so it offers savory smell and bursting flavor. Vietnamese meat balls are very special thanks to marinated method and seasonings and combination of herbs.

Bun thit nuong Bun thit nuong

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When eating, top rice noodle with grilled pork/meat balls over a bowl of dipping sauce. Enjoy refined bites of juicy and greasy meat balls, fragrance of herbs and unique taste of dipping sauce. Add some flavors with pickled daikon slices.

Where to eat?

Bun thit nuong is served as a home-made and very popular at eateries and restaurants in Vietnam. Everywhere on the street corner you can find eateries with sign of low plastic stools and pale blue plastic tables. Eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants is considerably cheaper than in restaurants and the taste is almost the same!

Grilled meat Grilled meat

You expect to pay 35.000 VN for a full course including soft drinks or beer. Here below are some restaurants you can head into.

  • 3 To Hien Thanh street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi
  • 73 Hoang Quoc Viet street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi
  • 23 Luong Ngoc Quyen street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
  • 8 Da Tuong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
  • 204B Hang Bong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi