When to visit Asia

When to visit Asia
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Since Asia is an extremely large geographic area, it’s difficult to determine seasonality for it as a whole. Some countries like China are so vast a general description is inadequate. However, there are some similarities to note when deciding when to go, such as saving money and avoiding crowds by traveling during off-peak times, and booking in advance. Although, it’s important to remember low seasons can sometimes bring weather not conducive to traveling.
Asia's view
Asia’s view
There is no one high season, low season, and shoulder season for all of Asia. The peak and off-peak times tend to follow the varied weather patterns and holidays throughout the continent. Weather Information Climate in Asia differs drastically by region, ranging from tropical in the most southern regions to cold in the mountainous northern regions. Some countries like Japan and South Korea experience four distinct seasons, with cool winters, warm summers, and moderate spring and fall temperatures. China experiences two types of climates with its subtropical south and colder north. Countries like India, Malaysia, and Thailand have two seasons: a hot and dry season and a rainy season with the threat of monsoons. Typhoons, similar to hurricanes, can affect nations along the Pacific Coast as far north as Japan.
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