Traditional Tet Celebrations In Hoi An

Traditional Tet Celebrations In Hoi An
UPDATED: 11 Jan 2017 13 Views

Cau Bong festival

Hoi An hosts numerous festivals at the beginning of New Year. In the foggy morning, people join in Cau Bong festival of the traditional Tra Que vegetable village to wish for a bountiful season.

Cau Bong festival Cau Bong festival

Festive flags of the village, hang highly, drums and gongs, ancient music, local people, who are dressed in ceremonial costumes and carrying trays of five fruits, walk along streets. Cakes and fruits, joss-sticks and flowers are arranged on the altars to pray in the festival. Tran Ke, a farmer, said, “Offerings include a boiled cock with a flower in his mouth and a bamboo knife in his back, 5 dishes of steamed glutinous rice with 5 bright blooms and a cup of rice wine”. The festival creates an attraction for visitors with its vivid activities.

Bai Choi singing

On Tet holiday, the ancient town is jubilant with a variety of folk games such as Bai Choi singing, pot breaking, ceramics making, folk songs or poem chanting. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of this landscape by tasting local cuisine along Hoai river.

Bai Choi singing Bai Choi singing

Visitors can indulge in garlands and colored lanterns on the river while enjoying local cuisine and resounding traditional music. Visiting Hoi An, you will have a chance to taste an abundance of specialties such as dumpling, pork pies, cao lau (rice pancake with pork meat and shrimp), Quang’s noodle, luc tau xa (green bean sweet soup) glutinous rice cake, soya cake, green bean cake or special tea served by Hoai Pho’s ladies

“This party is simple but luxurious and modern. Particular dishes and restaurants, which are distinctively decorated and served, or culinary customs contribute to make the ancient town unique to its guests in spring”, said Mr Vo Phung – Director of Center of Culture and Sports.