Visiting markets of ethnic minorities in Sapa

Visiting markets of ethnic minorities in Sapa
UPDATED: 16 Dec 2016 1164 Views
Visiting Sapa, visitors not only have chance to take part in some exciting activities like Sapa trekking tour but also experience the normal life of locals in here. One of the best way to discovering Sapa is going to markets of ethnic minorities. Most of markets are held everyday, each of them brings unique and interesting features. Here are most attracted highland markets in Sapa.
  1. Coc Ly market

coc-ly-market Every Tuesday, the life in Sapa seems to be more actively when Meo, Dao Den, Nung, and Tay people gather together in Coc Ly market. What makes this market special is traditional costumes with vivid colors of Meo people. Although goods are not really attractive tourists (mostly are vegetables and poultry), you will not able to stop walking around because of handicraft products in here. If you prefer to immerse in culture of ethnic minorities, you can visit this small market.
  1. Bac Ha market

bac-ha-market Sapa – Bac Ha market is considered as the largest market in Sapa and ideal place for those visiting Sapa in a short time. An interesting thing is that you will find the fat buffaloes and calves – a unique item in the market.
  1. Lung Khau Nhin market

Lung Khau Nhin market The highlight of Lung Khau Nhin is scenery along the way go to this market. From Sapa, you will go through Tram Ton pass, the highest road in Vietnam with 1,900m. Visiting Lung Khau Nhin market, visitors also have an opportunity to chat with ethnic groups such as Thai Trang,…
  1. Sin Cheng market

Sin Cheng market Previously, Sin Cheng market still was isolated from the outside because it is quite far from Sapa. Going to this market, you will cross amazing untouched scenery. In addition, this market also is place to exchange goods of Meo Trang, Meo Hoa, Dao Trang and Giay people so visitors go to the market will feel very exciting because of the peaceful atmosphere that is gradually disappear in many modern cities of Vietnam.
  1. Muong Hum market

Muong Hum market Located near the China border, this market probably is the most remote market as well as the most beautiful lanscapes in Sapa. The ethnic minorities taking part in Muong Hum marrket include: Ha Nhi, Pha La, Dao Den, Giay, Meo Do, Meo Den. Because the market is far from Sapa, there are few tourists come here making the atmosphere more quiet and peaceful. Continue going, you will see Muong Vi cave which has a range of limestone caves quite similar with caves in Ha Long Bay. If you want to experience ethnic minorities’s life, Sapa is the best choice for you. To know more information about tourism in Sapa, visitor can look for Sapa trekking guide or Sapa guide. Sapa travel information: