Thien Cam beach

Thien Cam beach
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Thien Cam beach is about 50km away from Ha Tinh city center, offering deserted beaches surrounded by rainforest and majestic mountains. Thien Cam is renowned for its natural beauty that is untouched and unspoiled by human.

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Natural beauty of Thien Cam beach

There are no signs of commercial or residential development so Thien Cam beach is serene and relatively less people. Thien Cam beach is really a paradise for couples and family vacation. Immerse into nature and leave all your concern behind. Beyond the beautiful beaches, Thien Cam has a bit of everything that makes every guest feel indulged. Once there, cool sea breeze, tranquility and idyllic villages give you a sense of peace and relaxation. The beach is lined with beautiful tropical trees and sand dunes.  Life in Thien Cam is detached from hustle and bustle of city life. Just unwind and pamper yourself on this beautiful coastal region.

Thien Cam beach Thien Cam beach


In addition to the usual swimming, sun bathing and water sports, proximity to many attractions make Thien Cam a popular spot for vacation. Abundance of interesting activities are awaiting you!

Night squid fishing: prepare your fishing roll and other essential gears and let’s go for squid fishing.

En island: For those who want to explore floral and fauna. En island is pristine and unspoiled, offering great view and landscape.

Cam Son pagoda Cam Son pagoda

Cam Son pagoda: Cam Son pagoda is located near Thien Cam beach and is easily access with several steps away. The pagoda is remarkable for its architecture and legend. One legend says that when 13th Hung king passes Thien Cam, he listens sound of pipa and thinks that it’s magnificent tunes of fairies. He assumes Thien Cam beach looks like a shape of pipa then named this region “Thien Cam” (pipa).

Biking: a bicycle is easily rented at service office or local household. Embark into a trekking through Thien Cam to discover hidden sciences.