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If one is looking for a unique place that cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam, Sapa is just the right choice. Though Vietnam is known for its beach landscape with luxury resort, the mountainous area is no less charming.

Sapa is not a place to look at on pictures – once you come, you will see how reality is even more picturesque than the polished photos. From the terraced rice field to the exciting ethnic lives, from the cool climate to the colorful trek, Sapa is a must-see, must-go and must-experience. Here below are reasons why you should visit Sapa.

Convenience of traveling means

Although Sapa town is located on high mountains, getting to Sapa is way easier thay it is supposed to be. From Hanoi train station, there are plenty of trains to Lao Cai city with flexible timeframes, and then buses will take you to the very destination which is only 38 km away. Just simply arrange luggage, buy train tickets and relax as the train wheels roll, Sapa would be highly delighted to welcome your presence.

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The diversity of natural landscape

In some certain travel destinations, tourist can only see the same kind of landscape everywhere they go. However, Sapa offers tourists a chance to contemplate the diversity of natural exoticness. The small town nestles on the mountain range of Hoang Lien Son; with Fansipan peak known as "the roof of Indochina" spreading extremely spectacular sceneries. Here and there are terraced paddies with the shining yellow colour of harvesting season, or looking like a big mirror made of pouring water. In somewhere else, houses on stilts of ethnic people evoke a peaceful sense all over the wild ambience. All those blessings create a truly vivid picture.

Sapa in Spring Sapa in Spring

Enjoy the atmosphere of all four seasons in one day

Sapa is located on high mountains almost at 1,700 m above sea level where fresh cool climate fully fills the air. It's an ideal spot for a getaway to be f ree from hustle and bustle. Visitor might be taken by surprise when coming to Sapa for the first time as the weather transits miraculously into 4 seasons just within one day here: spring warmth in the early morning, then gradually switch to summer days when the sun is upright, it is getting cooler like in autumn at twilight, and fairly in the evening.