Mui Nai beach (Deer beach)

Mui Nai beach (Deer beach)
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Mui Nai beach is about 5km from Ha Tien commune, is one of the most marvelous beaches of Kien Giang province. The contradiction of color of golden sand and blue sky makes up a picturesque scenery. Once there, cool sea breeze and tranquil atmosphere make you feel relaxed. Surrounded by rainforest and in proximity with many attractions, the atmosphere of the venue has an undeniable unpretentious feel.

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Legend of the name “deer beach”

The name "Mui Nai" comes from many versions of stories, one legend goes that: "From early age, this region is blessed with immersed sky and breathtaking lanscape. A descendant deer comes and drink water. Indulge in watching beautiful scenery, the deer can't come back forest before it becomes dark so the deer stay on the seaside. In the dark, the deer is frightened with hurricane and sunk into the sea. After dying, the deer turns into a rock. Today, a walk to the top of the opposite side, there will be full views of a deer-shape beach.

Mui Nai beach Mui Nai beach

Interesting activities

Mui Nai beach is deserted and and there are guards who are responsible for security and emergency rescue. Immerse yourself into cool sea water, you will feel rejuvenated. What makes Mui Nai beach special is mineral mud blended in sea water which is beneficial for skin and health.

swimming on beach swimming on beach

There are lots of attractions in vicinity. Tourists can spend a half of day to visit popular attractions such as Hang pagoda, Hon Chong, Thach Dong cave. Near there, a market selling variety of seafood including crab, shrimps, squids, clams, oyster, etc – the price is reasonably cheap.. Embark into hustle of market and discover more daily life of local people. Blessed with fertile land and convenient territory, Mui Nai is swamped with gardens of tropical fruits. Just pay once, and you are delightfully free to pick up and enjoy ripen fruits.

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