Ham Tien Market (Mui Ne)

Ham Tien Market (Mui Ne)
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Ham Tien Market is a significant landmark in Mui Ne, frequented by local and tourist as well especially during holiday or festival. Opened in 2012, this newly built market comes with a blue-colored building with 2 floors. If you are looking for a brilliant shopping without enduring summer heat outside, Ham Tien market is the right place.

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Location and features

Ham Tien market is situated along Nguyen Dinh Chieu street in Phan Thiet town. It opens from 6 am onwards and closes at 9 pm. It is a two-stoery market where you can find plenty stalls selling fresh produce, dried goods, apparel, handicrafts, seafood, household items and more. Buy anything you want without compromising on the prices.

Ham Tien market Mui Ne Ham Tien market Mui Ne

What to buy?

Aside from a large selection of butchered poultries and seafood, residents and tourists can browse through a wide range of tropical fruits including water melons, custard apple, mangosteens, durian, mangoes, dragon fruits.

Ham Tien market Ham Tien market

Souvenirs such as handicrafts, accessories, T-shirts are sold at relatively cheap price. Take your pick!

Eating your way through Ham Tien market is interesting when you can look for authentic Vietnamese food and light snacks. You expect to pay about 30.000 VND for a filling meal and drinks.