5 Best places to visit for Tet Holiday (P2)

5 Best places to visit for Tet Holiday (P2)
UPDATED: 05 Jan 2017 62 Views

3. Hoi An - The Lantern Town

Worry about closed shops and restaurants during Tet holiday? It is not going to happen in Hoi An. Right upon your arrival to Hoi An, you will soon realise that it is the place to be - an ancient town just like in the movie! So much mouth-watering street food to try, especially “Banh My” - not the normal bread, but the famous authentic “Banh My”, so much shopping need to be done with professional local tailors that will leave you with unexpected pleasure, and the gorgeous old peaceful street view.

Hoi An Hoi An

4. Ha Noi - Feel the Unusual Tranquility

Tell me the time of the year when you can see an empty street in Ha Noi - Yes, it’s the one and only Tet! Some might say it’s a little boring to see this busy city suddenly get quiet and wonder where to go or what to do, but others would tell you to look around and hey, isn't it a strangely beautiful scene?

No more traffic jam and crowd, no more horn from the vehicle, Ha Noi as you see during Tet holiday is back to being a charming little city where you can enjoy a hot authentic Vietnamese coffee while doing a bit of walking tour in the Old Quarter on a typical cold winter day. You will easily spot some local families out taking photos of their little ones happily smiling in traditional Vietnamese costumes. Just too cute that these little cuties can warm the atmosphere up even on the coldest days of winter! And if tourists want to do something else, there are still several of bars open during Tet Holiday - Minh’s Jazz, Easy Rider, Dragonfly, Le Pub etc. Want to see Hanoi in a different sight from being a busy capital city? This is it!

Tet in Hanoi Tet in Hanoi

5. Ho Chi Minh City - City of lights

On the Lunar New Year’s eve, you can either choose to countdown at the bars, or watch fireworks in the street with the local. Attending Nguyen Hue Flower Street Festival and Tao Dan Flower Festival is another way to celebrate Tet in a very local way. There will be beautiful flower decoration is mostly red and yellow - the two colours that represent Tet, featuring folk music, games and heavenly dishes in a warmly welcoming atmosphere.

Some might prefer the summer’s heat in Vietnam and spend the day sunbathing at the beach, some might want to travel at a different time to explore Vietnam without any closed shop and easier to travel with several of open bus tour. But also, to a lot of tourists who have come to Vietnam during Tet Holiday, they know this country is not just about having beautiful beaches, landscapes or good food, there are much more on discovering their traditional culture, and we hope you will gladly find out about them with a trip to Vietnam this coming Tet.